About us

We started in 2014 as a consulting company specializing in Integrated Marketing Management. We focused on large enterprises, and within the next few years, some of the biggest companies in the world started using our services. We helped them revamp their marketing departments & optimize their customer engagement strategy. At this time, most of our clients were in the services industry like financial services, retail, publishing, etc.

We couldn't help but notice unlike the services industry, products companies were unable to directly engage with their customers. Most of the sales took place via third party retail. This meant brands didn't have visibility into their customers preferences & buying patterns. Later, as online buying started gaining traction, we began to think brands will finally begin to own the sales channel for a vast majority of their customers. However, the hopes were quickly crushed when the likes of Amazon came in, and penetrated the market quick and deep.

Consequently, we built a marketing solution that enables consumer products companies to speak directly with their customers. The foundation of the solution is use of smart labels. Smart labels prove to be an excellent way for brands to speak directly with their consumer. With smart labels, consumer products brands can use their own packaging material to build a fully owned one-to-one communication channel with their customers.

Smart labels are having a phenomenal impact on how products companies communicate and engage with their customers. Marketers now have rich data about their customers preferences and have a direct mechanism to reach out to them.