Customer Data Generator for B2C Product Brands  


What do marketers really want to do? Execute a below-the-line (BTL) marketing strategy that produces great results. Perfect! What do most marketers end up doing? Execute an above-the-line (ATL) marketing strategy that generates average to poor results. That makes no sense, why?


What is needed to execute a great BTL marketing strategy? You need the technology stack, segmentation engine, great UI, great content, rewards program and so on. But above all, you need customer data. Customer data powers everything that can possibly go into the bucket of BTL marketing. If customer retention is a car, customer data engine that powers it. But customer data isn't easy to come by for consumer product brands. On the other hand, service industry specializes in capturing customer data. Think online retail , offline retail, banking, telecom, energy, healthcare, entertainment, etc. They all know almost everything about their customers that they need to know.

Consumer product brands don't specialize in capturing customer data. Even the largest B2C companies, worth billions of dollars, have extremely limited visibility into their actual customers, if at all. As a result, it is impossible for most consumer brands to execute any kind of (BTL) campaigns for their customers. The best most can do is to run mass advertising or mega sponsorships. This presents brands with two unique challenges. First, in an increasing digital world, a customer expects a brand to communicate one-to-one basis. And second, measuring ROI of mass advertising campaigns is very complicated. The most extensive techniques to measure ROIs for ATL campaigns are based on wild assumptions, and are prone to errors. As a result, mass advertising is losing its sheen.


Generate{IT} enables consumer brands to generate data about their customers. The focus word is generate, and not analyse or report or visualize. Generate{IT} generates customer data for consumer product brands and eliminates the need to pay millions of dollars to online advertising platforms.