Customer Driven - Customer Engagement 


Companies with strong customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers, as compared to just 33% for companies with weak engagement strategies. But what exactly constitutes a strong customer engagement strategy? Is it sending an email to customer every two weeks? Or is it saying thank you after consumer makes a purchase? Or is the ability to remember birthdays & anniversaries? Or is it something entirely different?


Essentially, customer engagement is the process of ongoing interactions between brand & customers, offered by brand and chosen by customers. An effective customer engagement strategy starts with brand awareness, leads into brand recall and ultimately results in brand loyalty. The core of an effective customer engagement strategy must address three areas: (1) the information must be highly relevant to the customer (2) the information must be super easy to find (3) the information must be available on-demand.

Consumer product brands are churning out innovations like no other time in history. There is so much going on that it is almost impossible for the consumer to keep track of the latest offerings by their beloved brands. They keep getting lost in the conflicting information in social media, blogs, reviews and so on. Plus the very volatile nature of the social content coupled with unpredictable swings in the social sentiments can sometimes be catastrophic for a brand. The onus is on to the brands to act proactively, and prevent the possibility of any negative sentiment from arising. 


Engage{IT} is mechanism for consumer product brands to provide their consumers with a single version of truth. And it does so while eliminating the sheer complexity of having brands to maintain multiple social media channels, mailing lists, mass advertisements and so on. Customers love it when they have all the information they need without having to navigate various social media channels, persistent emails and mass advertisements.