Marketing Gamified! 


Mobile gaming is world's fastest growing entertainment channel. According to Nielsen's Digital Panel (May 2019), even before the pandemic struck, gaming was already the biggest digital entertainment channel . Apple, Facebook & Google have already committed big investments in mobile gaming. And it makes a lot of sense. Most people already own a smart phone, and games are naturally addictive. As per industry experts, mobile gaming is positioned on a the same growth trajectory that social media experienced during the last decade. Mobile games are quietly becoming a tremendous force to engage people. With all this frantic activity, how to marketers benefit from it?


New channels of customers engagement follow a predictable pattern. In the previous century, TV became a single most important factor influencing demand. All a brand needed to do was to find a product and buy-up prime time advertising slots. Sales were guaranteed. Two decades ago, emails revolutionized how consumer brands communicate with their customers. This was the first time brands needed to establish one-to-one communication with their clients. Over the last decade, social media proved to be the most effective way of capturing customer attention. This time, brands needed to align themselves firmly with the public sentiment. Brands that utilized social media wave early on, continue to reap the benefits till date. This decade belongs to mobile gaming. If we know anything about the power of newer technologies, we know each of them is far more powerful than the old one. It won't be surprising if mobile gaming takes on the world faster than TV, email and social media combined together. Brands that leverage mobile gaming to engage with their customers will have a long lasting advantage.


Game{IT} is gaming solution that provides interactive mobile games for brands to engage their customers. Customers love the excitement that comes with playing games related to their favourite brands. And marketers? They can't be happier!