Customer Acquisition, Accelerated 


When it comes to customer acquisition, what do banks, telecom providers, taxi apps, marketplaces, travel agencies & fintech companies have in common? First, is their highly focussed customer acquisition strategy. Second is their ability to generate qualified leads at scale. And third is their ability to quantify churn & acquisitions. An interplay of these three techniques have resulted in massive customer acquisition spree over a very short period of time.


Customer acquisition undoubtedly is the single most important factor for any brand to grow. However, a good customer acquisition strategy means nothing if there aren't enough leads generated or if there is no way to directly know customer lifetime value and churn for any acquisition campaign.

First challenge for consumer product brands is to generate qualified leads at scale. And the second challenge is to quantify customer lifetime value and churn individually. Since online advertising doesn't provide any mechanism to know the buying history in the future, there is no means to measure real ROI due to any advertising campaign. What if the RoI is negative? Conversely, what if the RoI is high, but in absence of any clearly measurable results, marketers can't make full use of the opportunity. What can't be measured, can't be increased or optimized.


Acquire{IT} is a mechanism to generate qualified leads for consumer product brands. Not only it generates leads, it also enables marketers to quantify customer lifetime value for newly acquired customers and thereby providing an ability to maximize the conversion ratio.