e-Store Channelization 


In a world dominated by retail chains, how do consumer product brands build an end-to-end relationship with their customers? An easy & intuitive answer would be to build fully owned e-commerce stores. Sounds easy, right? But then, the challenge is to bring customers to the online store. More specifically, the real challenge is to achieve that without spending a fortune on clickable ads for eternity. That is easier said than done.


For most consumer brands, traditional distribution channels are the only way to go if they have to take their products to market. For the most part, this involves becoming heavily dependent on retail chains for shelve space. Brands hoped this would change with the proliferation of e-commerce. However, a select few online marketplaces quickly captured the space that ensured brands' dependence just shifted to one format of the retail to the other. As a result, most brands are still far from exercising full control over the end-to-end relationship with their consumers.


Channel{IT} provides a mechanism for consumer brands to be able to channel their customers from retail chains to their fully owned e-stores. This lets brands control the end-to-end customer experience, seamlessly.