Digitization platform for positioning


Today, every brand wants to create a "unique identity" among its target market. Businesses aim to gain increased customer attention, improve brand loyalty, eliminate counterfeiting malpractices, maintain loyal customers, and ensure product authenticity at every step. Fortunately, technological advancements are taking place at a rapid pace and disrupting the traditional methods of business operations. It gave rise to digitization platforms that allowed businesses to empower and maintain their core positioning.

Digitization is not just about transforming a physical good into a digital asset. In reality, it does a lot more! Businesses can reap the maximum benefits of digital technology and yield a high return on investment extremely fast.

Why is there a need for a digitization platform?

According to PwC, a well-designed and well-implemented digitization platform can bring efficiency gains of 4.1% annually and boost revenue by 2.9% every year, offering a competitive advantage to brands in countless ways.

Today, every smartphone has the capability to scan QR Codes. Whether it's about making payments online or checking into an event, QR Codes are used almost everywhere! When businesses transform their offerings digitally, they get the liberty to leverage QR Code technology. As a result, they will have the crucial data that will help them to identify trends and anomalies, improve supply forecasts, and spot inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the manufacturing and distribution processes.

How does the digitization platform upgrade business efficiency?

The reason to switch to digitization is inevitable. It will prove to be very expensive to wait and check what other businesses are doing. By taking proactive approach, brands can bring profitable results in the coming times. Here's understand how digitization platform can take the business efficiency to the most efficient level:

  • Creates unique product identity

Digitization platform converts physical products into digital gateways that convey the right marketing message at the right moment. It allocates unique and tamper-proof QR Codes on each product packing that gives them a distinct identity and can be scanned hassle-free. As a result, brands can identify the authentic products from the pool of fakes and ensure their originality to their customers.

  • Collect and evaluate product interaction information in real-time

With the help of product digitization, brands can gather relevant information in real-time and use this data to make valuable business decisions. All they have to do is to login to dashboard and they'll get access to all the relevant customer information related to it.

  • Track and trace the product in the supply chain

The unique QR Code allotted on the product packaging gives the authority to the brands to track and trace their products throughout the supply chain. It prevents the risk of diversion by flagging any anomalies in product code scan using geo-location capabilities. Such is the power of the digitization platform!

  • Eliminate anti-counterfeiting practices

The digitization platform has the ability to eliminate counterfeiting practices, which is a pain for many brands today. By implementing this advanced technology into the business operations, the users can differentiate real products from fake ones.

Since the QR Codes allocated on the product are non-clonable and 100% unique, it becomes nearly impossible for the counterfeiters to copy the product. Even if they try to do so, the brands will get an immediate notification to take responsive action. Through digitization platforms, businesses can ensure product authenticity at every step of the way.

  • Offer customer loyalty and rewards

Customers highly appreciate personalized brand experiences these days. Businesses become successful in connecting with the target audience when they offer something matching customer's interest. Well, digitization platforms are a true treasure in this aspect.

By simply scanning the QR Code on the product, the consumers can claim the exclusive rewards. Whenever they scan the QR Code, the digitization platform gathers all their relevant data that helps brands to get all the latest insights into their preferences and purchasing behaviour.

B2C brands can leverage this information and design their customer loyalty programs accordingly to attract a large number of potential consumers and maintain the previous ones.

Enable digitization platform with Speed{IT}

With the help of fool proof technology, industry expertise, and experience, Speed{IT} is helping B2C and B2B brands to digitize their products. It helps them to manage the content they want to show on their product code scans. It's time that brands should start working towards digitization platforms that provide an effective path towards customer trust and loyalty. Reach out to us today and get the most advanced digital solutions for your business.