Product authentication is what customers want


Product authenticity inspires consumers today. They want to know whether brands are living up to their principles or not. Unfortunately, many consumers are losing trust in their favorite brands because of the rising counterfeiting practices. It's an era of skepticism in which consumers want to seek brand authenticity at every step of their purchase. It's not their fault. The wide availability of duplicate products has put them in jeopardy. Every time they make a purchase, they have second thoughts about whether it's original or not. The challenges are even more when it comes to shopping on an e-commerce platform, the reason why ensuring product authenticity has become more crucial than ever!

According to recent studies, more than 91% of consumers have accepted that they look for product authenticity while deciding the brands they want to support. They don't expect brands to be perfect. However, they want businesses to have real conversations. Hoax promises on ensuring product authenticity will not work now! For businesses wanting to win today's consumers' attention and loyalty, they have to be real where they stand.

Recognizing the vitality of product authenticity

If businesses focus on authentic brand-building, they can win over the consumers and improve their bottom line. Not just this, they will have the support of aware and loyal consumers who'll help their businesses to grow further. In fact, many savvy brands are leading their business with a purpose by representing their core values, sustainability credentials, and much-needed initiatives to build their brand loyalty, resonate with consumers, and protect their bottom line.

Today's consumers are more aware and concerned about brand offerings. They want to interact with only authentic brands that take the responsibility of ensuring a genuine product is delivered to them. The demand for the original product is even more in the Gen Z population.

Where's the challenge? Product counterfeiting!

The need for ensuring product authenticity has become more crucial after the pandemic. Pandemic gave a massive bloom to e-commerce and online marketing channels where any brand can list its product offerings. It realized the idea of accessing high-end products at the fingertips. On the other hand, it opened the doors for counterfeiters to leverage this opportunity. They could easily fool the users shopping on any famous e-commerce platform and sell a counterfeit version of the product that looks like an original. Later, when consumers get to know about this fraud, when the product fails to perform as per expectations, it hits their trust really hard! At the end, who has to pay the price? Brands and their customers.

Consumers can never make their genuine opinion about brands if they keep receiving counterfeit products. The fake products don't ust create pain for brands but also leave a massive hole in the economy. Brands need to take a strong stand against counterfeiting malpractices. Otherwise, they can't win over their target customers. It is the primary area of concern that needs to be solved with expertise.

What's the solution? 

It's high time that brands start to acknowledge the value and performance of digital solutions. Speed {IT} anti-counterfeiting solutions help brands to overcome the challenges of counterfeiting. Connect with us to get our expert and technologically advanced digital solutions.